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When people Google a business - YOU WANT TO BE FOUND!


Looking for a website for your business?

Start telling people about your business today

Get More Customers

A website has shown to be a proven way to get more customers. With 78% of people searching for businesses on smartphones & tablets you can’t afford not to have a responsive website. It also adds to your image.

Stand Out

If a customer searches for a local restaurant and your website pops up you stand a much better chance of converting that customer if they can see what you are offering. Don’t let them find your competitors first.

You Update

We’ll  show you how to update your website, so when it comes to making changes, it’s FREE. You are in full control. This is great if you want to run monthly specials, it’ll cost you nothing to make the changes.

Fully Responsive

If you don’t have a fully responsive website these days it means that when potential customers find you on the web from a mobile device they have to pinch & zoom. Helps your site be current. Stay ahead of the competition.


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Who Should Have a Website?

The answer is....Everyone that has a business
If you are a Plumber, Builder, Handyman, Hairdresser, Carpet Layer, Electrician, Mechanic, Landscaper, Painter, Carpenter, Estate Agent, Taxi, Welder, French Polisher, Boiler engineer, Cabinet Maker, Joiner, Roofer….Need I go on, whatever business you have, customers need to know about it. People Google everything and if your competition has a website that’s who they’ll find. I myself needed a plumber this morning, first thing I did was Google “Plumbers in Drogheda” A website is an extension of your business, you’ll never get across in a small ad in the local paper what you can get across to a potential customer in a website. Add an email subscription form to your site and you’ll be able to email customers with seasonal offers. Click on the photo opposite –
All you need to remember is people search for businesses on Google, not the Golden Pages anymore. Therefore you need a website, and EVERY business needs one, Shoe shop, Cafe, Restaurant, Deli, Butchers, Beauticians, Hair Dressers, Doctors, Dentist, Gift Shop,Solicitor, Photographer in fact any type of small business.  Give your business every chance and with websites from €149 there is no excuse. Call us today 087-1236789 to find out what we can do for you and your business.
With full control of your website you’ll be able to update it whenever you like for FREE, no more ringing a web designer and asking how much it’ll cost to have a couple of changes made.   This is great if you are a seasonal business or run promotions on a monthly, bi-monthly basis. Keep your customers informed. A website that’s kept up to date will bring in more customers and help you with your Google rankings. You’ll feel in control.
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Starting A Business?

As well as helping you get on the web, we can show you apps that will help you in your new business, including invoicing, cloud storage, logos, embedding  video into your website and more. We can also help you with social media. Sell your products online we can help with that also.

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Just think of the amount of people right now on Google looking for different businesses! If you don’t have a website they WON’T find YOU! It’s very simple
get a small business website
Almost half of small businesses without websites say they don’t need a website, but they really mean they don’t want it enough.  There’s a threshold where the want for something surpasses the pain(cost/complexity/time) of getting it.

I’d wager that 99.9% of small businesses claiming they don’t need a website would change their mind if they could snap their fingers and have a fully built, maintenance free, zero cost, zero effort website. That’s what we are here for.

“No matter what type of business you run, if you have customers, it’s necessary to have some sort of information online, at least a page describing who you are and offering contact information. It’s essential to have this information indexed and shown to those looking for you.”

Our Services

We’ll bring our expertise and years of experience to help bring your ideas to life.

Website Design

A website is crucial, and from only €149 you’ve NO excuse not to have something showing off what you do. Don’t forget you can sell online!

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Search Engine Optimisation

It’s important that people can find your website, we can talk to you about all the different options available, be it free or monthly spend.

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Never under estimate branding, even if it’s just your logo, we can create something different for you, make you stand out from others.

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Digital Marketing

We use a drone in certain circumstances to help add that bit more to your website, social media offering. Standing out from the crowd.

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Social Media

These days everyone is on some sort of social media platform, it’s not good enough to be only on Facebook anymore, you need them all.

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IT Services

We offer a wide range of IT services, helping with cloud storage, invoicing, syncing & other problem solving ideas for small businesses.

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Sell Online

Have you products you could sell online? We can set up an ecommerce section on your website. Selling a product online allows you to reach a wider audience and new customers. Get online today. Call 0871236789 – 7 days a week.
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Aerial Videography

We can add some depth to the images/video of your premises with footage from a drone. Click on the icon above to see exactly what we’re talking about. Market your business into the 21st century. Things look more interesting from the sky.
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You’ll want to look professional so we’ll set you up with whatever business email addresses you want, no more – each member of staff can have their own email address, no more filtering emails.
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Custom Logos

Need a logo? We can create a logo that matches your business. It’s one of the hardest jobs to choose a logo for your new business, sometimes you just need a fresh idea. We also redesign logos for existing businesses.

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