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Everything you need to know about your device including iTunes.

The one thing you need to do with an iDevice is set it up property, link it to iCloud and you won’t have any problems.

We can also show you the great advantages of having an Apple TV.

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If you are new to iPhone / iPad then get the most out of your investment by talking to us. Opposite is the percentage of people who have both devices. We can show you what each device is capable of, show you how to link them back to iTunes and iCloud properly. Using iPad for business? You really don’t need a laptop anymore, this device will do almost everything. Tell us what you want from the device and we can get it working for you in no time.

Most people run into trouble with iTunes, won’t sync properly, not fully backing up, looking to transfer movies onto devices, kids using the same iTunes account. iTunes stands at the heart of the iPhone & iPad and needs to be set up correctly.

moving from Microsoft to Mac

Moving From Microsoft to Apple?

You can transfer any files you need from your old PC to the new Mac easily, even Microsoft Office documents. Transfer your iTunes account, all your music, apps, videos etc. You can use a wired or wireless network to transfer everything you need.

We can show you how to best get started on the Mac, setting up your iCloud account to link with your iPhone/iPad if you have one.

The main thing as with everything is to get things right from the get-go.

moving from Microsoft to Mac

iMac / MacBook

Business Tech Help Drogheda

Using it for business or pleasure the Mac range of computers are fantastic, coming with built in productivity apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers it’s so easy to start work in one place and continue it somewhere else thanks to iCloud.

If it’s creativity you are into then look no further then iMovie, iPhoto & GarageBand, no more excuses for leaving the great videos you took on your iPhone on it. Make one minute movie trailers and share them with everyone.

Call us and get the most out of your Mac…..

We now offer “Mac SetUp” If you have a new Mac and are looking for help setting it up properly and maybe linking it to your other iDevices give us a call. We can remotely log into your Mac over a secure & password protected line so we don’t even need to be there.


business tech help drogheda

With the huge success of iPhone and iPad, many businesses are embracing the Apple operating system. With sales of Mac computers to businesses on the rise isn’t it about time you got up to speed on what exactly Apple devices can bring to the table. Let us show you how you can keep everything in sync.

Get the most out of your investment.

Make them work for you. 


iTunes is the best music resource available, not alone for buying music, movies, books and apps but for organising your iPhone or iPad.

When used correctly iTunes can do a lot more then simply store your music, use it as a sharing library, a DJ when friends are over, stream movies from it to Apple TV, create your own playlists, listen to music you thought you’d forgotten with Genius, rent out a great movie for the weekend, listen to your music on up to 10 devices with iTunes Match etc. Now with iBooks you don’t have to go to a book store anymore , start reading a book, stop on your iPad, pick up your iPhone the next day and continue.

Make iTunes work for you……….

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iCloud Drive


iCloud will give you access to your music, photos, documents, notes, contacts and calendars, it’s a great way to keep everything in sync across all your devices.

  • Access to Find My iPhone
  • Photo Stream
  • Access your documents on any computer
  • Organise your calendar in any web browser
  • Keep everything backed up

Did you ever want to email someone your latest holiday snaps? With iCloud photo sharing is no problem, no more errors with 25MB limits that your email client gives you. Simply select all the photos you want to send and away they go. With iCloud syncing of documents you can now start work on a letter on your Mac and pick it up on your iPad or iPhone even a PC. You can also collaborate on documents. We can show you how to get the most from iCloud

Log into our other website for more information on Apple training. You come to us or we come to you. Our most popular training session is a 2 hour special for €45. The training is about you, what you want from the device, if you are looking to do something specific, use it in your business life more maybe, maybe you have a few devices and want them to sync together. 

Whatever you are looking for talk to us.

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